A few of the definitions of words used in spiritual science are so inadequate that I see the need to correct and/or add to them.

The stable data and service facsimile(s) used at an emotional tone by a terminal (identity at a single viewpoint in space). The most powerful sevfac in the attitude is related to the actual GPM goal and its oppterm.

(noun) 1. A tone on the spiritual tones scale. 2. A consideration is the exact isness, the result of a second postulate which obtains the persistence of the first postulate. In normal usage in society a consideration is merely an opinion. In spiritual terms however the act of consideration is that of alter-is by 2nd postulate.

A copy differs from a duplicate in that a copy is not owned but instead belongs to another, whereas a duplicate is created by oneself.

The only action taken by theta. In the highest ranges decisions are made about beingness, below that decisions are made about spaces and the contents of those spaces. That latter sort of decision is commonly known as a "postulate" (see Ogger's brilliant description below).

Duplication occurring through communication in a universe consists of two or more locations becoming one another, which temporarily dissolves their distance and separation, which in turn is another way of saying that the universe between them has vanished.

The Co$ tech dictionary definition of an entity is a joke. They quote LRH remarking during the PDC lectures that an entity merely thinks it's alive, and thinks it's a being as long as energy is fed to it. Not quite right. Entities do not require energy to be fed to them, though they will come more alive when given attention. They are nothing unusual. The truth is that there is theta in everything, even a dead chunk of granite. Ken Ogger's understanding of entities is far superior to what LRH allowed printed on the subject, see his writeups in "Super Scio." Normally an entity encountered in processing is an aware, split off piece of theta which has become separated from either a thetan, a copy made by another entity, or a piece separated from a higher level of being than a thetan. This piece of theta is attached to some mind, and possesses fixed mental plane anchor points which usual leave it stuck somewhere on a time track. A "body thetan" in a PC's space is usually either a piece of the PC or more commonly a piece split away from someone else.The size and power of entities range from near thetans (effectively a remote viewpoint of one somewhere) down to as little as a single thought/intention/purpose placed into a ball of energy. I prefer to call these latter "thought forms", after the traditional occult term. A specialized type of entity used in magick is a "thing", which is an entity surrounded by a heavily energized astral body of its own. Entities are created by "decision" made in the Causal band of the tone scale, which creates a division or split half of which is at Individuality or Coexistence, and the other half at Being Entities or Spiritual Death (see tone scale at GD24.html).

Observing many effects, and looking back in time for their common cause (at or above Considerations on the tone scale) and knowing it clearly. Working backwards to recover the exact isness.

Matter, Energy, Space and Time, i.e. the physical universe.

"Misownership is a misconception of authorship in that one being thinks his creation was made by another or that another's is attributable to himself." (Ralph Hilton)

The ultimate individuation. Creating another individual places one's previous self within that individual at this tone.

Godlike power as wielded through total control and responsibility. As those latter two are Effort band activities, this idea is below ARC and is sub-death.

It can be defined as BEING others. The LRH idea of a broad sweep of control is not true pan-determinism. True pan-determinism is high ARC being all terminals in a game. This is the term LRH should have used instead of pan-determinism. And if you are something, of course you can control it.

"A postulate is simply a projected decision or mockup. I say projected because a key factor is the space permeated by the decision. If a decision about Paris permeates the space of New York, it can only affect the relationship of New York to Paris and will not act on Paris directly. Even a postulate which permeates the space it is intended to affect is not all encompassing because there will be things outside of the target location which also affect the target. And so we have a relative degree of action which is monitored by the space encompassed by the postulate." (Ken Ogger, "Super Scio")

A Postulate is:
1. a decision which creates a space and its contents, which
2. then appears after the fact to have been projected INTO a space by the viewpoint in space being used as a game terminal (called a thetan) by the individual who is actually "outside" of space/time, which
3. in turn ends up appearing to be a mere thought which occurred at the location of the viewpoint/thetan.

A thought is sort of far removed from what's really happening, which is the act of creation. All "postulates" are decisions bringing something into or out of existence. Most people are below awareness of the higher levels of themselves and do not perceive any of this which occurs above the thought.

#1 above is at tone 100 on the tone scale (Filbert's expanded)
#2 is the after the fact existence viewed between tones 40 to 16 approximately
#3 is the apparency as viewed from the emotion and effort areas of the scale between tones 8 to -8.

Primal pair.
Primal means underlying the span of existence and noticably senior to a section of the tone scale. Pair equals dichotomy. So a primal pair is a dichotomy which creates a portion of reality and visibly relates to a portion of the tone scale. A dichotomy is not in and of itself aberrative until a person decides to pursue half of it as a goal and reject the other half. That pursuit of half a dichotomy, half a primal pair creates a primal goal.

Primal goal.
An example of a primal goal is Hubbard's "SURVIVE". It is half of the primal pair SURVIVE vs SUCCUMB, which governs the effort band of the tone scale. Normally the positive half of a primal pair is pursued, while the negative half is rejected. This flip flops in people occasionally (due to the principle that a flow in one direction too long will tend to back up, stop, then reverse) as a temporary condition usually regarded as madness and criminality.

1. Theta reality is duplication of other POVs, which is a return to affinity, i.e. a sharing of the same space. Theta reality is a type of as-isness, a first column action. 2. MEST reality is agreement, a third column not-isness.

Resistance is not-isness, and therefore lies at Effort and MEST. An excellent vignette on the subject from Amos Jessup: The Anatomy of Resistance.

Service facsimile.
A service fac can be viewed mechanically as a valence one is NOT being. Sure, the view is correct in that the person is being a valence; but the service fac action is the rejection of an opposing valence, or to say it better, an EXCLUDED valence. This originates in a mental image picture (facsimile), and is used to make self right and excluded other wrong. The hidden truth is that the person is still being both sides of the conflict, with one enforced and the other denied.

It's not who you are being. It's who you are refusing to be that makes the service fac.

That which is aware taken as a whole.

A part of theta occupying a location in space from which it views, i.e. a viewpoint (see below). Often called a spirit or ghost.

A mechanical definition of thinkingness (think-think, figure-figure) would be:
1. That thought which occurs as an effort to sort, arrange, classify, identify, and differentiate ideas which the being has attached to small bits of mental mass. The key word here is "effort."

A definition of high scale thought (above emotingness) would be:
2. Being, knowing and looking directly without using any energies of the Emotion, Effort and Mystery bands of the tone scale.

Effort level thought will show up on an e-meter as minor needle action as the masses of the thoughts appear, move around and vanish. High scale thought produces a floating needle.

1. a set of stable data, including the operating service fac of the terminal (identity), held by a person at any specific emotional tone.

2. the physical universe location in three dimensions from which a person views the universe.