Understanding, GPMs, Duplication and the Know to Mystery Scale
     by John Lester" <lifemaster@talk21.com>

I wish I knew how to use my software to draw enneagrams, one of which should accompany the following explanation.  If anyone can draw one for me, showing all the labels, it might be a  benefit to everyone on the discussion lists.

What is the height, length and width of our inner world?

I suggest (3)understanding (length), (6)manifestation (height) and (9)duplication (width)

It seems to me that the dimensions of our inner world, stated in words which apply to UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, i.e., at the highest level of "The As Above", are (3) infinite beingness, (6) infinite empowerment and (9) infinite knowingness.

Stated in words which apply to MASS, i.e., at the lowest level of "The As Below", these become (3) annihilation (6) maximised mass, (9) maximised mystery.

The universally applicable enneagram of Awareness, Will and Consciousness is connected to the similarly universally applicable enneagram of Unawareness, Reactivity and Unconsciousness.

The connection (1) between love        and hate    is the        affinity line.
The connection (2) between cause       and effect  is the communication line.
The connecting (3) between knowledge   and mystery is the        reality line.

The connecting (4) between objectivity and subjectivity is the   goal line.
The connecting (5) between win/win     and lose/lose is the      problem line.
The connecting (6) between beingness   and solidity is the       mass line.

The connecting (7) between postulate   and automaticity is the   control line.
The connecting (8) between as isness   and alter isness is the responsibility line.
The connecting (9) between empowerment and disempowerment is the knowingness line.

At each level of (9) the Know to Mystery Scale, confront involves continuously, come what may, going clockwise around the diagram, handling whatever comes up, with no emphasis on either desire or resistance, just living in the now, the true line of preference and least energy consumption.

Desire is a non confront of the fact that we have all we need, that the why is here, not there, and that all we need to do is to handle whatever comes up, continuously turning out valuable final products of consciousness as a consequence.

Resistance is a non confront of the fact that life is a challenge, involving risk and corresponding opportunity, and that all we need to do is to handle whatever comes up, continuously turning out valuable final products of consciousness as a consequence.

On the enneagram, any focus on DESIRE, instead of moving us effortlessly around the circle, continuously shifts our attention from AFFINITY to GOALS to COMMUNICATION to RESPONSIBILTY to PROBLEMS to CONTROL and back again to affinity.

On the enneagram, any focus on RESISTANCE, instead of moving us effortlessly around the circle, continuously shifts our attention IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION TO DESIRE, from AFFINITY to CONTROL to PROBLEMS to RESPONSIBILTY to COMMUNICATION to GOALS and back again to affinity.

Each person has a chronic state of consciousness, from which they vary up and down the emotional (thoughts attached to feelings) tone scale  but very little around the circle of the enneagram. Those on this discussion list are, I suspect, strongly at (6), questioning everything on which we focus our attention. We desire to observe (3) realities and from them to arrive at (9) knowledge. We resistance (3) unrealities by using our accumulated (9) knowledge to see them as they truly are.

Additionally, we may discover that each of us tends to slip into the wings (for us, the viewpoints of control and problems).

Goal Problem Mass running, a dangerous but partially effective process done in the Church of Scientology, is an over simplification of this stuff. By processing ourselves clockwise around the enneagram circle, anti clockwise around the triangle, and in the directiion of confront around the criss cross arrows, we can blow the whole incompetent Scientology GPM system into smithereens. I started to do this with my wife some time ago and she had some of the biggest wins she had had for a very long time. I didn't realise how important it was at the time or I would have continued the process after her very good indicators and continual cognitions regarding the subject eventually disappeared.

John Lester

Further selections from the writings of John Lester:

(Please ignore my way of stating everything as if it is indisputably true. Doing so forces me to read my own words in a more self critical and hopefully more beneficial manner than would otherwise be the case.)

Affinity is a "theta like" Feeling Experience that includes a preference for being close to the subject of the affinity.

Reality is a "flux like" phenomenon which is very different in both SCOPE and CONTENT between any one person and any other. The reality generation PROCESS however, is assumed, for the purpose of developing a mutual understanding, to be identical for all beings capable of generating any sort of reality.

Any attempt at identifying, describing, defining or specifying any part of the process must eventually align with the personal experience of every person who, on the basis of accepting mutual objectivity as necessary for pan determined solutions, participates in the discussion.

Communication of one person's complete reality to another person is impossible, except in terms of "bits and pieces" approximations. Every single perception experienced by a being is prioritised before it even enters the awareness of the being. The disempowerment versus empowerment GPM process has already begun its ARC versus ARC break work. The being is unconscious (unaware at any conscious level) that this is happening.

It is the process of communication itself that continuously generates the same GPM (goals problems mass) that Scientologists have been trained to regard as their worst enemy. It is in fact, a most valuable mechanism, a misunderstood pearl which is the foundation of each persons creation of their own reality. Only by understanding and duplicating this ongoing, low intensity, individuality and gpm generation mechanism will it be mastered.

All communications are incomplete, because all that is ever received by the recipient is a superficial awareness of source, distance, effect, attention, intention and duplication, with imagined but rarely anything like complete understanding at the receipt point, of that which originated at the source point.

GPM division is "built into the system" in order to facilitate the development of individuality. All of the apparent ill effects of GPM division may be overcome and converted into eventual unity in diversity.

For example: In the case of an observably incomplete verbal communication, the intended recipient may either feel and think pleasurably "Thank goodness they have shut up" or resentfully feel and think "Why don't they finish what they were going to say" Its the recipient's GPM reinforced desire or resistance to each communication with self or others that determines the nature and the existence of the consequently experienced charge.

The recipient of such a verbal communication could just as easily recognise that the communicator had decided not to complete the communication and prefer to leave it at that. Provided that the recipient had no prior GPM and individuality pressurising beliefs and attitudes insisting that they get an answer or insisting that they get the other person to shut up, there would only be a marginal preference for hearing the whole of a message rather than half of it.

The conscious cultivation of a reality which includes many preferences (with desires and resistances limited to the satisfaction of consciously pre determined and preferably formalised needs) provides the basis for a more objectively pan determined and empowered life.

In the development of the "individuality supporting" but "pan determinism opposing" gpm, prior beliefs and attitudes, current feelings and thoughts, plus available options and decisions, all motivated by either desire or resistance, magnified by imagination and tolerated according to expectation, together determine the magnitude of the charge.

The directly obvious king of the castle within this nine step GPM and individuality generation device is belief. Two of the saboteurs are "the terminal of desire" (conveniently judged by Scientologists to be the theta option) and "the opposition terminal of resistance" (conveniently judged to be the entheta option). The third saboteur is the unpredictable (i.e., third step in the process) owner of the belief system who, in obedience to the above describe belief dominated system, makes and implements the pre programmed and "charge motivated" decision to go with either desire or with resistance. Only life continues to say that there is still something not quite right.

Without the belief component, all the other belief system components would just not be there. An attitude is nothing more than a belief as to how something should be viewed. A feeling is nothing more than a current belief that something is being perceived. A thought is nothing more than a current belief that lacks any desired or resisted component that might cause it to be classified as permanently valuable.

A belief is a thought that has been determined as having lasting value. Similarly options, decisions, desires, preferences, resistances, imaginations and expectancies all reflect variously classified but quite specific beliefs.

Permanently installed beliefs and attitudes determine which feelings and corresponding thoughts are automatically stimulated into existence.

At the same time, other permanently installed beliefs and attitudes determine the available options.

Any existing relevant desires or resistances then kick in, aided and abetted by similarly pre programmed imaginations and expectancies. A decision is made, totally resulting from all these various beliefs. The action or inaction which accompanies the decision initiates the next situation and the whole reactive process repeats.

The only way that individual and universal independence from this mechanism may be achieved is by updating all beliefs in a manner designed to optimise all possible situations. Such a belief system is pan determined, with the "understanding" of the so called "clear" state being dumped in favour of the far more effective and only really sustainable pan determined state.

This recommended state corresponds with the KRC triangle. The ARC triangle leads to personal understanding, and because of that understanding of ones own reality, to the illusion of mutual understanding.

The KRC triangle resolves the "Only One" illusion of personal understanding, by requiring the owner of the belief system to proactively occupy so many viewpoints that any illusory aspects are increasingly blown away.

Clear can never be more than a key out (maybe for a whole lifetime) because it doesn't have within its grasp the capability of handling all the variables needed to really sustain a continuously self determined and external impact free state. The rest of the universe isn't going to let self determinism happen. A clear becomes an opposition terminal to the rest of the universe.

A clear is a disaster waiting to happen unless they are able to consciously handle, not only their already handled (to some extent) reactive mind, but also the still "completely in charge" belief system dominated mechanism of the self determined (but past dominated) sub conscious mind. Only a pan determined person is able to truly live in the present moment. A falsely declared clear is heading for GPM division and personality isolation from the rest of humanity, for psychosis and for the bottom of the tone scale.

Affinity manifests as high tone levels towards those beliefs that dictate desire and as low tone levels towards those beliefs that dictate resistance. Affinity in its variously manifesting forms is thus the "theta" basis of the gpm and also the basis of each person's reality, even before that reality gets grooved in with all the rest of the belief system components identified above.

Only if desire and resistance can be brought under the individual pan determined determination of the person concerned will desire and resistance ever act as pure postulates (i.e. effortless preferences). In other words obsession is the problem. Effortlessly focused aware will making a postulate is not accompanied by desire, only by tone 40 intention. Desire is almost invariably mixed up with maximised intention.

Postulates are opposed by desire and resistance but not by preference.


Is existence at the top or the bottom of the tone scale? There is mental existence, physical existence and spiritual existence. I suspect that they are complementary. Mental and physical existence can cease but I doubt if spiritual anything ever ceases.

To me it seems observable and inescapable that some sort of "whoever" "whatever" CREATOR SUSTAINER, working in line with very specific observable universal principles, is continuously creating and sustaining the physical universe, with ourselves as childlike creators with (at the present time) similar but relatively limited potential (compared with that of the Creator Sustainer) to create belief system selves, belief system realities and belief system personal universes, using our true selves (effortless aware will) to create our own individual consciousnesses (isnesses, alter isnesses and not isnesses) in any way we think fit within the currently imposed limits of perception. Currently most of us use dichotomous thinking.

The physical universe provides the guidelines but we have to be scrupulously honest in observing and interpreting what they mean in order that we may explore our ways into godhood.

The only evil, and even that is unavoidable, is human assignment of meanings. They are always deficient meanings. A creator can only create what that creator has been created to create. We are observably created with the ability to create dodgy selves, dodgy realities and dodgy universes, all of which (supposedly ideal scenes) work much better when they correspond with the Actual Scene, as implied but not actually stated by the Physical Universe.

We are observably NOT created with the inherent ability to exercise much (1) Affinity, (2) Communication, (3) Reality over (4) Goals, (5) Problems (6) Masses, but are learning to do so.

Our spiritual (7) Control, (8) Responsiblity and (9) Knowingness over the Actual Universe is pathetic, with the Creator Sustainer looking after the details until enough of us see sense and tip the balance towards OT lives. We all need to get real. The wisest thing we can realise is that we know practically fuck all, yet have limitless potential.

Until such time as we learn how to create affinities, communications and realities which correspond with how selves, realities and universes need to be created, we are stuck, very sensibly, exactly where we are.

The Creator has been defined as omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience. In terms of the evolution of human consciousness, this is (7) Control, (8) Responsibility and (9)Knowingness. Unless one is present one cannot control anything. Responsibility is the ability, willingness and felt obligation to respond. Thus creating our selves, personal realities and personal universes in line with how we really are is obviously the best way to go. All this negative crap just drops dead because it no longer has a purpose.

The static could be imagined as being the hole in the middle of the triangle of (7) control, (8) responsibility and (9)knowingness. The knowingness is the integrated sum of all universal principles. Everything from total mystery to total knowingness would be known.

The ultimate goal for every human being is effortless aware will (7), (8) and (9).
The ultimate purpose for every human being is to climb the scale from mystery to knowingness.
The ultimate policy is to specify and continuously fulfil this purpose and achieve its goal.
The ultimate plan is a corresponding belief system
The ultimate program is a corresponding learning program.
The ultimate project is a corresponding lifestyle
The ultimate orders are the seven principles of effective evolution
The ultimate ideal scene is a challenging but nevertheless peaceful, joyful and successful life.
The ultimate statistic is.......
The ultimate valuable final product is.............



In accordance with our previously discussed enneagram cross section view of he tone scale, after (1)affinity, (2) communication and (3) reality, the stable datum of understanding has been established. This is the "thinking" component of something that has yet to come.

After (4) goals, (5) problems and (6) mass, the previously considered stable datum of "thinking" becomes attached to whichever up tone or down tone "feeling" is associated with the success or failure of the process. An emotion is the spiritual consequence of assigning a feeling to a thought. If the process produced a spiritual loss, the person tends to resign from control, responsibility and knowingness, instead dropping to a less personally controlled, less responsibility demanding and less knowingness reliant lower tone level.

After (7) control, (8) responsibility and (9) knowingness, the "mass particle" remains assigned to the chosen tone level, as a part of the persons cumulative consciousness. Irrespective of where the rest of that multi mass particle consciousness may be, this particular bit remains at its assigned tone level. The most probable scenario is one in which every thetan (effortless, individual, aware will, awake in the void) has part of their mental, physical and spiritual synergy self, belief system, reality and personal interpretation spread up and down the tone scale at every conceivable and inconceivable level.

Every mass particle is an emotion (a thought stuck to a feeling) at a tone level which corresponds with the effectiveness of the control, responsibility and knowingness used in putting it there.  The emotional tone scale is a list of possible locations for each and every mass particle in the persons knowingly and unknowingly personally created self, personal belief system, personal realities and personal universe.

The most powerful form of healing is consciousness healing. Understanding (ACRU), Experience (GPM)and duplication (CRH) of the ACRGPMCRK enneagram and its relationships to the Mental, Physical and Spiritual divisions of the Know to Mystery Scale, are enough to create real clears and real OTs.

Applying the above to the highest accessible levels of each persons consciousness is the fastest and most effective route. That will "As Is" lower levels on a wholesale basis, without even visiting them. GPMs and BTs as heavy items - Forget it.

There may or may not be something to be said for discussing some of these initial thoughts with other carefully selected, demonstrably OT individuals until we have ironed out the bugs and are in complete agreement. Then we can hit the scene with an up and running mentally, physically and spiritually grooved in package.


...here is another opportunity to further explore the universal phenomenon of the triangle and the "holistic description support" process of which it is the topmost organisational level map, not the territory.

We are the Christ and AntiChrist map maker masters of holistic description support. Both you and I represent, or are,  the third sides of all triangles. Because we are two similar "third sides", and because there have to be three "third sides" in the universe of the third Side (i.e., the spiritual universe of true meaning or holistic definition), a third third side is made available for us to study. I suspect that the responsibility for all third side creation lies with one of Gods deputies, otherwise known as the God of Cartesian Geometry.

When, prior to consciousness, "the one" (me in this case) is subconsciously restimulated into a feeling of affinity (high affinity in this case) by someone or something (you in this case) in ones personally created and universally supported environment, they may, if they choose to do so, use that labelled feeling (which is now an emotion or thoughtform, because it has been identified or labelled as something perceived) as the first step on a new journey of discovery around The Holistic Description Support Process enneagram.

How may the missing third side problem of the Christ and Anti Christ be resolved? What comes next? Obviously it must be Communication. That takes us to the second of the nine steps to salvation. We communicate through our mutually created and shared GPM, ending up with a Mutually Shared Reality.

From our position on the third side of the first triangle in the three triangle enneagram, based upon mutual agreement, we set goals (step 4), encounter problems (5) and finish up with (6) the mass of adequately valuable, disappointingly valueless or inspiringly valuable final products.

Changing into higher gear (uptone), lower gear (down tone) or staying in the same gear, we are into (7) control (using the product). Using as much (8) responsibility as is possible at our particular position on the tone scale, we finish up with the same, more, or less (9) knowingness.

Garnerian magic reflects (1) Do what thou wilt (2) Doing what thou wilt (3) Discovering that (1) should have been written "Do what thou wilt and harm to none".

Active Love can be compared to the positive, masculine, highly thought through but unfeeling, just do it, Scientology like DO WHAT THOU WILT.

Passive Love can be compared to the negative, feminine, highly felt through but inadequately thought through, nurturingly be it, Eastern philosophy like BE WHAT YOU ARE.

Active and passive love are two sides of a triangle, etc. etc.

Trust in belief systems allows you to experience the foolishness of trust.

Trust in universal principles allows you to experience the value of trust.

Two more triangles that need to be balanced.

The first side of all triangles relates to the specification of requirements and provisions.
The second side of all triangles relates to the implementation of requirements and provisions.
The third side of every triangles relates to the management of change.

Every time you perceive and label a perception, you start work with a newly created entity.

Every entity has potential mass which becomes real mass the moment that you disagree with your own previous labelling of it. You then have created your own little GPM.

An Avatar Master (especially one with a Scientology background like me) teaches others thoughtform creation and discreation. An Avatar is a person trained by an Avatar Master, who is able to create and discreate thoughtforms. The standard Avatar initiation process familiarises budding Avatars with the creation and discreation of thoughtforms, including All  That Is.


Tue, 23 Jan 2001, From:  "John Lester" <lifemaster@talk21.com>

Just today I was thinking to myself that "as long as one has a self determined belief system one cannot be more than self determined person" In other words, the opposite of a Clear is an OT ?. The entire illusion of "self" needs to be replaced by the greater reality of individuality or undividability. Maybe even an individualised trinity in which each OT chooses their own three eternal qualities (which could of course be changed at any time because they would still only be beliefs. But at least they would be senior to the ridiculous and isolation making concept of "self". If ever there was an implant it was the idea of self.

We talked about the three aspects of Control, Responsibility and Knowledge (the last of which I incorrectly labelled knowingness). You considered that the order should be Control, Knowledge, Responsibility. This cannot be so however, because the middle quality is always the most demanding (e.g. communication, problems and responsibility in their respective triangles. The third quality has always a spiritual, static or unchanging quality about it (e.g. reality, mass, knowledge in their respective triangles). The triangle into which Control, Responsibility and Knowledge transmute is therefore maybe Beingness, Knowingness and Power.

There is something still not sorted in this arrangement however. I have reason to belive that the third triangle in each completed enneagram becomes the first triangle in the next enneagram up. The Empowered Static as the valuable final product of evolution is (Beingness, Knowingness and Power). This must then manifest as something that is even more demanding. I suggest that it is likely to be a higher octave of Understanding (Affinity, Communication and Reality), a higher octave of Physical Manifestation (Goals, Problems and Masses) and a higher octave of Operating Thetan (Control, Responsibility and Knowledge).

Since then I have realised that (Affinity, Communication and Reality) manifests as (Goals, Problems and Masses), the elimination of which yields (Control, Responsibility and Knowledge), all nine of which transmute into the previously non existent quality of "knowingness". This replaces the previous quality of consciousness, so that the next higher trinity is Knowingness, Beingness and Power ??????, none of which involve physicality, except as potential.

Belief Systems