(These are some things I've done and experienced which might shed light on who I am and why I am the way I am to anyone interested in such things.)

I was living in Seattle about 30 years ago, and helping out as "staff" at the Seattle Org. During that time I created an entity, right under Dorothy Broaded's nose! Here she was OT Something (six I think) and well past the BT materials in OT III, and I was "only" Grade IV and not supposed to know anything about such things. Nevertheless I made one inside the org! It was a single purpose entity, what I prefer to call a "thoughtform." As you might know, any person possesses the capacity to create static or near static. This can range from making an exact duplicate of self, down through various sorts of fragments and remote viewpoints, to quite simple programmed bits of beingness. What happened in Seattle was one of those latter: I was running the mimeograph, had my attention off the machine for a moment, when suddenly a part flew off it! I immediately shut it off, then turned it slowly by hand to see what was missing. I located the spot on the mimeo machine where a piece of it had come loose, but try as I could, I failed to locate the part anywhere on the floor. I was sort of desperate. The mimeo couldn't be used without it, and I had a lot of bulletins to do. Finally I stopped searching. I calmed my mind to zero, then moved to the moment that the part had flown off. As I did so, I took a small bit of energy, attached a purpose to it, added intention and near static -- and separated the construction from myself. The mini-entity flew to the mimeo machine, then traced the path of the missing part through the air while I watched. It flew under a nearby table, which had an shelf edge reaching almost to the floor. I walked over to the table, reached my body's hand under at the point where the entity had gone -- and there was my missing part. I screwed it back on the machine and continued working.
All in all, it now looks like an overly complex ritual to go through just to find something, but please understand that I was 19 years old at the time. Rather than thoughtforms, I now find things with fields of flitter into which I temporarily assume a remote viewpoint;  which still isn't "know" but I do what I can with what I have available. Both of these abilities turn off and on as I key in and out. Usually they are off, but...

It was the summer I turned 20 years old. One Monday night I had a dream. In the morning I had forgotten it. On Tuesday night I had the dream again, and forgot it again. This happened five nights in a row. On Saturday morning two friends and I drove to the park at Mount Rainier for a day on the mountain. In late afternoon we started back down. It had rained a little that afternoon so the asphalt was wet. The car was doing perhaps 45 mph down the mountain when the semi-bald tires broke free going into a curve. My friend Barry, who was driving, slammed on the brakes. We skidded off the curve and hit the side of the mountain head-on at full speed. No one was wearing seat belts. I'm not sure that old '53 Ford even had seat belts. As we went into the slide I remembered all five dreams in perfect detail in a split second of time. All five dreams had been about the accident I was in the middle of experiencing. In the all the dreams I went face first into the windshield shattering the glass. In three of the dreams my head went so far through that the glass cut my throat and I died (an older car like that had "safety glass" which was a sandwich construction with plastic in the middle which kept the broken area smaller). In the other two dreams I saw myself raising both my hands out of my lap and jamming them forcefully into the angle where windshield and dashboard met. Armed with this knowledge (keep in mind I was reviewing all this in a leisurely manner in less than a second of material universe time) I raised my hands out of my lap and thrust them forward. The car hit the mountain. My face went into the windshield, then I bounced back. I had made a head-shaped hole in the windshield. I had several bone-deep cuts in my face, and a ring of shallow cuts across my throat. If I had gone just a little bit farther I would have died.
I learned several things from the experience. I learned that dreams can be remembered days afterward. I learned that time was purely subjective and that the material universe's time didn't really apply to me. I learned that I was aware above my normal level of consciousness, and that I knew the future at that higher level. I learned again that there was a lot more to myself and to reality than was apparent using only a body's senses and a materialist frame of reference.

For many years I've had a spotty, there it is - now it's gone, perception of energies emitted by other people. Though I've read about people who claimed to see colored auras, I never could. What I do see sometimes are transparent glows around people. Several years ago my 80 year old mother was in the hospital with some sort of heart problem (congestive heart failure). I guess she instructed them to conceal the matter from me and my kids because it wasn't until she was actually dying that the hospital staff told me that her heart was failing. So imagine my shock when I went into the hospital to visit her, only to find that she had been moved to intensive care. When I got there I recieved a second, rather ghostly shock. See, I often see auras without paying much attention to them. They are merely part of other people to me, so I really don't particularly notice them. So picture my horror when I saw my mother lying there in the hospital bed -- and she only had half an aura! There was no aura, no glow around her body below her ribcage. Her aura covered her head, neck, arms and chest. Nothing any further down. I told her what I was seeing, but her response was disbelief and confusion. I begged her to flow energy down through her body to revitalize it. She had no idea what I was talking about. I began to grieve right then and there, and felt completely helpless to stop what was happening. I knew she was leaving ... and within 24 hours she was dead.
Ever seen half an aura on a human body? It's spooky!

In early September 2000 I had a "know" that preserved the life of a young girl. I was driving home and as I turned onto a downhill street I saw a man using a leafblower alongside the road. Next to him was a girl about 5 or 6 years in age. I looked at her and simply knew she would run out in front of my car. So I braked immediately. Sure enough she ran out in front of me, failing to hear my engine over the noise from the leaf blower. But by that time I must have been down to 5 mph, so I easily stopped. She retreated big-eyed to the side. The man was scolding her as I continued on my way. I had known with absolute certainty what she would do, and without any means or via. Neither of them realized what a near thing had occurred, prevented only by my clarity which disallowed my agreement with their intended tragedy.
Not on my watch, goddamn it!

I did an odd sort of session to help a friend in Jan '01. My friend is in a "go away - come closer", push-pull game with her boyfriend. One of the ways this manifests is that if she thinks he might be communicating in any way with another woman, she flips out with jealosy and does her best to crawl into his pocket (so to speak). They had just spent a few days together and were driving their separate ways home. But they reencountered each other right before the freeway onramp. As she came up along him, she noticed he was talking on his cellphone. She gasped just as he noticed her. He responded to her horrifed expression with  a series of ugly expressions of his own -- then the light changed and they parted again. Need I point out that the two have plenty of earlier similars with each other along these lines? She immediately called him from her cellphone. He didn't answer. His withdraw was already underway. For the next three days she called his phone numbers, I assume Caller ID let him know who it was, and he did not pick up. Finally she called me, a little frantic. First I explained the nature of the game she and her boyfriend were playing, and then tried to pull her out of being interiorized into the game by giving her techniques for playing. (Basically, when someone withdraws from you, withdraw HARDER yourself and that will usually undo the other person's withdrawal. The game of reach and withdraw played here is in the effort range and so is very automatic and reactive.) What I did next was new, for me helping another anyway. I have done this for myself before, hell it's almost a required technique if you are going to operate as a being, but I'd never tried it with another person. I explained to her that we were going to go back in time in our minds, and relive each and every time in the sequence wherein she had reached by attempting to call. And that we would do it (like in a dianetic chain) starting from the most recent attempted call, then working our way back one at a time. I was treating the reencounter at the stoplight right before the freeway as "basic". And I was treating all of her attempted phone calls as locks atop that basic. I explained to her that we were going to spot the moment in each when she had decided to call him, then while still back in time, she was to, lightly and without effort, change her mind and decide to not call him after all. We did this and had just reached "basic" when her phone did the pulse of soundlessness which indicated that she had another call waiting. She clicked over to it, then clicked back and told me "It's HIM, I'll talk to you later!" Yup, it worked like magic! In fact, it WAS magic. Was it auditing? Beats me, twould depend on how you define auditing I suppose. Of the three comm cycles supposed to be present in a session, we had the "auditor to PC" line and the "PC to present time environment" lines. Was accessing her decisions a "PC to bank" line? But I wasn't erasing what one would normally think of as "bank", unless one subscribes to the idea of "bank" on higher dynamics. Make no mistake: my whole intent was to make a change in HER BOYFRIEND by removing her reaches toward him, thus allowing him to reach himself. Given the automaticity of their mutual game condition, I had no worries about him being sufficiently Cause to change his own mind and not call her -- he would react and reach automatically into the sudden vacuum. My only real doubt before I began was "could she erase enough of her decisions to make the necessary withdrawal of her own?", then I looked at the doubt and vanished it and proceeded to walk her through the incidents. These sort of effects on other people have been known to happen as a side effect of processing. In this case however, it was no side effect, the effect on the boyfriend was the desired ep. And I got it...   Instantly, ha ha!
This sort of processing might seem a little odd and magical, but it seems perfectly normal and expected if viewed from Co-existence.


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